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Dental Clinic

Dr. Julia W. Albright, a member of our U.S. Medical Advisory Board, has conducted research that points to a correlation between dental hygiene and several inflammatory diseases. “Among evidence is the connection between poor dental health and breast, cervical, and pancreatic cancers, heart health and arthritic disorders,” says Dr. Albright.

In light of this finding, Dr. Albright recommended that a dental health program at the Wellness Center would be a natural extension of life saving services that it already provides to women in Armenia.

The Wellness Center’s Dental Health Program was launched in October 2012.  Dr. Nvard Vanyan, with many years of dentistry experience, heads this department, which has two fully-equipped dental rooms, dental lab, and a reception area. She is a professor at the Department of Dentistry of the Yerevan State Medical University.

In addition to seeing patients, the dental program also aggressively pursues public education on dental hygiene.