AACA, Inc.


The Wellness Center has revolutionized the women’s healthcare delivery system in Armenia by:

  • Operating 9 departments;
  • Opening a Satellite Clinic in Gavar, where previously no other preventative healthcare services were available;
  • Conducting 233 free-of-charge Medical Outreach Missions in 79 remote towns and villages throughout Armenia and in Artsakh region;
  • Creating Public Education and Awareness Campaigns to educate the public on the importance of early detection;
    • Teaching monthly Breast Self-Examinations and distributing of thousands of educational pamphlets to female patients;
    • Organizing 11 annual Health Walks since 1997;
  • Serving as a teaching center in breast health to medical students from the Medical University of Armenia; and providing a six-month residency program to graduates from the NIH of Armenia, who have specialized in Radiology for two years;


  • Receiving the first Public Confidence Award for Excellence in Women’s Health in Armenia in 2012;
  • Partnering with 8 Medical Universities in the U.S. and initiating U.S. Medical Advisory Board;
  • Organizing  80 Medical Exchanges and 16 Medical Missions  for training purposes;
  • Introducing 3D mammography to Armenia by acquiring and installing two Selenia Dimensions Tomosynthesis 3D Digital Mammography systems in March 2012;
  • Organizing five medical conferences with U.S. medical professionals, the Armenian Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Health in Armenia; topics such as: “Medical Ethics in Armenia: Cancer Patients Right to know the Truth” (in Armenia, most doctors still DO NOT share the truth with their patients).


  • The Wellness Center is visited by 160-200 patients daily
  • Maintaining a database of more than 400,000 patients who have received over 500,000 services to date;
  • Celebrating the birth of 162 “Miracle Babies;”


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