Armenian American Cultural Association, Inc. AACA

Monthly Medical Outreach Missions

Waiting to be screened

To extend modern screening services to Armenians in rural areas with scant medical facilities and limited transportation options to Yerevan, the Wellness Center conducts free-of-charge Monthly Medical Outreach Missions to remote areas of the country.  The Center, in cooperation with different municipalities, arranges to schedule medical missions in local hospitals or clinics.  Prior to the scheduled date, the services are heavily advertised in the media to encourage the highest possible participation by local women.

The Wellness Center staff use portable medical equipment to screen women for breast and cervical cancers as well as conduct general examination, Sonography, and bone density tests.  They also distribute literature stressing the importance of making healthy lifestyle choices.  Patients with severe abnormalities are referred to the main Center in Yerevan for further diagnosis.

Since 1998, over 233 medical outreach missions have been conducted in nearly 80 towns and villages throughout Armenia (including Artsakh), providing over 17,000 free-of-charge screening services to more than 14,000 patients.

On this particular day 51 patients were seen during a four hour mission.