Armenian American Cultural Association, Inc. AACA

Medical Advisory Board

U.S. Medical Advisory Board

Ann Archer, MD,

 Breast Health Radiologist, DC


Julia Albright, MD, Ph.D.

 Emeritus Prof. of Immunology

 GW Univ. Med. Center, DC


Christine Avakoff, MD

 Dermatologist, CA


Camilla J. Cobb, MD, Cytopathology

 Prof. Loma Linda Univ. Med. Center, CA


Rouzan Karabakhtsian, MD, Ph.D.

 Associate Professor of Pathology

 Montefiore Med. Center/AECOM, NY


Allen Nalbandian, MD, Radiology

 Pres., Valley Radiology Consultant, CA


Vicken Poochikian, MD, Internist

Primary Health Care, MD

John Poochigian, MD, Internist

 Kaiser Permanente, CA


Emma Zargarian, MD, OBGYN

 Greater Baltimore Medical Center, MD


Katherine Berberian, Cytologist

 LAC-USC Medical Center, CA


Heros Noravian, Ph.D.

 Aerospace Engr., Tech Support, MD


Frank Heinz, BA, Business Mgmt.
Pres., H
&H Design-Build, IN


Keith E. Simmons, MSW, MBA

 International Development, CA


Lawrence Mowat, R.T.R.

 Retired Biomedical Engineer, IN